In January 2012 I completed this 15 foot long, 5 section bookshelf. It has an irregular curve along the front of the top and bottom shelf, which gives it a wave-like appearance when assembled. The top and bottom shelf are made of walnut, the face frames are red oak, and the cabinet cases are maple plywood- Eric

This is another view along the front of the shelves.

And a view along the top, giving a look at the full ‘wave’ pattern.

2015-01-21 11.30.30 2015-01-21 11.30.10 2015-01-21 11.29.58 Red oak vanity with walnut stain & antique cast-iron hardware- Eric, Jan 2015.

2014-04-14 13.45.00 2014-04-14 13.41.31Cherry cabinet, shelf and back panel for a basement kitchen. All danish oil finish. Oak butcher block top has a food safe beeswax and mineral oil finish. April 2014- Eric

A set of filing cabinets from 2008 made of red oak, with frame and panel tops. Finished with danish oil- Eric

A view from the side, showing the drawers and the joinery on the top.

The fourth cabinet from the set, with inset frame & panel doors instead of drawers.

An AV cabinet I built in 2011, it is made of pine to match the floor with an ash face frame- Eric

One of a trio of built-in’s I made for a friend’s attic bedroom in summer 2011. They are oak face frames with maple plywood cases-Eric

Another of the built-ins. Notice the knob in upper corner; the back of the cabinet is a door that opens into the attic crawlspace.

entcenterfullRed oak entertainment center / bookshelf combo. Dark “Mission Cherry” stain. September 2012 – Eric and Andie.

carriesfolkscabRefinished/partially rebuilt this cabinet, and replaced the paneling next to it. It matches the original woodwork surrounding it well enough to not be distracting, and is considerably more usable now. December 2012- Eric

cabin bath cabinetRed cedar and soft maple bathroom vanity,  April 2013- Eric

black bedroom cabsWe did 2 of these soft maple built-ins, painted black, along with the stained bookshelf below. Spring 2013, Eric & Andie

whitney bookshelf

crew bookshelvesFireplace surround built-in’s, ash & birch with a dark cherry stain. Summer 2013- Eric and Andie

2013-11-25 13.25.09Small red oak cabinet-side spice rack, Nov. 2013- Eric

2013-11-20 18.40.47 2013-11-20 18.41.28 2013-11-20 18.41.39 2013-11-20 18.41.53 2013-11-20 18.43.16 2013-11-20 18.43.00 2013-11-20 18.42.57 2013-11-20 18.42.24Red oak built-in’s, set of 4. The wedge in the arch is walnut. October/November 2013-Eric

attic bookshelf old housePine with cherry stain bookshelves. 2007- Eric

2014-04-04 12.59.03 2014-04-04 12.58.18 2014-04-04 12.58.03 2014-04-04 09.43.51A pair of dressers, red cedar, birch, and maple, with a natural danish oil finish. March 2014- Eric

2015-03-16 16.09.59 2015-03-16 16.09.49

Pair of red oak book shelves, finished with danish oil. March 2015- Eric

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  1. jes

    The floor on the ‘A pair of dressers’ picture is beautifull, what kind of finisch does this have..?

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